Figure 6 of Yan, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2495-2506.

Figure 6. Histopathologic features of the surgical area in each group at 28 days post-op. A-H represent pathological changes in the surgical area of Group A, Group B, Group C, and Group D at 28 days post-op, respectively. Conjunctiva Epithelium (CE) in each group are in good condition, conjunctiva flap and scleral (S) space are wide in A and B, and the Tenon’s Capsule (TC) has few fibroblasts and new collagen tissue. In C-H conjunctiva flap and scleral space narrow or even disappear, and a large amount of fibroblasts hyperplasia and new collagen tissue deposition can be observed in the Tenon’s Capsule (TC). *represents sustained-release drug film area. H-E staining, original magnification: A 40×; C 40×; E 100×; G 100×. Masson trichrome staining, original magnification: B 40×; D 100×; F 100×; H 40×.