Figure 1 of Lu, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2455-2468.

Figure 1. Expression levels of Tyrp1 across strains. A: Rank ordered mean of Tyrp1 mRNA expression levels across 67 BXD RI strains, their parental strains and F1 crosses. Values denote normalized relative expression levels on a log2 scale (mean±SEM). The majority of lines with the Tyrp1b mutation expressed higher levels of Tyrp1 than those with the wildtype allele. F1 and parental strains had intermediate mRNA expression levels. B: western blot showing Tyrp1 protein levels in eyes and irides of parental strains. Tyrp1 protein levels were normalized to Gapdh and the amount of protein in eyes of B6 mice was set to 1. There is no statistical difference in Tyrp1 protein levels between strains with wildtype versus mutant Tyrp1.