Figure 1 of Higuchi, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2400-2406.

Figure 1. Effect of short-term desiccation on CEPI cells. CEPI cells were subjected to desiccation for up to 30 min. The horizontal axis shows the length of time that the cells were subjected to desiccation. A: Cellular viability of CEPI cells. B-D: Concentrations of IL-6 (B), TNF-α (C), or IFN-γ (D) in the medium secreted from CEPI cells. E: CEPI cells were incubated with 5 or 50 ng/ml anti-human IL-6 antibody for 1 h before desiccation to estimate the effect of anti-IL-6 antibody on the survivability of CEPI cells. Results are expressed as the mean±SD (n=6). Dunnett’s test was used to determine the significance of differences. The asterisk indicates a significant difference from the result at 0 min, p<0.05.