Figure 1 of Ding, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2368-2379.

Figure 1. Real-time RT–PCR of α1 and α2 from whole LG (left panels) and lacrimal epithelial cells collected by LCM (right panel). mRNA levels of α1 from whole LG of IAD rabbits were significantly lower than those of control animals (p<0.05), whereas no significant difference was detected between control and IAD animals for α2 (p>0.05). In epithelial cells collected by LCM, mRNA of α1 was the least abundant in acini, whereas its level was significantly higher in all duct segments. Compared to control animals [13], mRNA level of α1 was significantly lower in acini and every duct segment except in intralobar duct in IAD animals (p<0.05). However, we were unable to detect any NKAα2 in epithelial cells collected by LCM due to its low level. D4: intralobular duct. D3: interlobular duct. D2: intralobar duct. D1: interlobar duct. Data were presented as mean±SEM.