Table 1 of Sun, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2197-2206.

Table 1. Genomic information of the 12 genes referred in this study.

Gene Genomic DNA mRNA Protein
CRYAA NC_000021.8 NM_000394.2 NP_000385.1
CRYAB NC_000011.9 NM_001885.1 NP_001876.1
CRYBA1 NC_000017.10 NM_005208.4 NP_005199.2
CRYBA4 NC_000022.10 NM_001886.2 NP_001877.1
CRYBB1 NC_000022.10 NM_001887.3 NP_001878.1
CRYBB2 NC_000022.10 NM_000496.2 NP_000487.1
CRYBB3 NC_000022.10 NM_004076.3 NP_004067.1
CRYGC NC_000002.11 NM_020989.3 NP_066269.1
CRYGD NC_000002.11 NM_006891.3 NP_008822.2
CRYGS NC_000003.11 NM_017541.2 NP_060011.1
GJA3 NC_000013.10 NM_021954.3 NP_068773.2
GJA8 NC_000001.10 NM_005267.4 NP_005258.2