Figure 3 of Nieto-Miguel, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2102-2117.

Figure 3. Networks generated by IPA related to the development and the function of the auditory, vestibular, skeletal and muscular systems and to the cancer development. Auditory and vestibular system development and function, organ development, and cancer network (A), and cancer, connective tissue development and function, skeletal and muscular system development and function network (B) generated by IPA. The networks contained nodes composed of genes/gene products and edges that indicated a relationship between the nodes in the cellular and subcellular locations indicated. Classes of nodes were indicated by shape to represent different functionalities. Colored molecules represented genes that appeared in the data set studied. Red and green molecules were upregulated and down-regulated, respectively, in the limbal epithelial cells. Gray molecules did not meet the user defined cutoff of 2. White indicated the molecule was added from the IPKB.