Figure 3 of Meire, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2072-2079.

Figure 3. UCSC track of the 10q microdeletion. A: The 10q23.33q23.33 track shows the extent of the249–363 kb deletion of chromosome band 10q23.33q23.33 (arr 10q23.33q23.33(94659243–94908060)x1 pat 10q23.33q23.33. The location and size of the deletion are indicated by a horizontal red bar. The figure was drawn according to the UCSC, Human Genome Browser, March 2006 (NCBI36/hg18). B: The three-generation pedigree represents the unaffected grandmother (I:1), affected father (II:1), and twins (III:1 and III:2) carrying the 10q23 deletion. Del: deletion of 10q23.33q23.33; dup: duplication of 2p16.2p16.2. Filled symbol: bilateral optic nerve aplasia (ONA). Partially filled symbol: unilateral ONA.