Figure 2 of Saghizadeh, Mol Vis 2011; 17:2011-2018.

Figure 2. Nuclear and cytoplasmic expression of Zbed4 during mouse retinal development is shown in western blots of retinal protein extracts of mice ranging in age from postnatal day 1 (P1) to P90, using the Zbed4 antibody. A: Nuclear Zbed4 expression decreased from birth to adulthood. Also shown is the expression pattern of TBP at all the time points studied, which demonstrates that TBP cannot be used as a loading control for nuclear Zbed4. B: To confirm the specificity of the Zbed4 antibody, a competition reaction was performed. The antibody was incubated overnight with a 3,000 molar excess of the peptide used to generate it. A duplicate of the western blot shown in A was incubated with the pre-absorbed Zbed4 antibody. No Zbed4 bands are detected in the retinal nuclear extracts from mice of different developmental stages. C: Cytoplasmic Zbed4 expression increases from P1 to P90. α-Tubulin was used as a loading control.