Figure 1 of Ahmad, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1940-1945.

Figure 1. Genetic analysis of LCA family BUIT-LA01. A: Family pedigree. Circles, females; squares, males. Black symbols, affected. Double horizontal line indicates consanguinity. The sample of IV:5 was not subjected to genomewide SNP mapping because this sample was initially not available. B: Graphical view of LOD score calculations of genomewide SNP mapping in the BUIT-LA01 family. LOD scores calculated with ALLEGRO are given along the y-axis relative to genomic position in cM (centi Morgan) on the x-axis. Note the highest peak in the region on chromosome 6 (LOD=2.66). C: Corresponding disease gene locus on chromosome 6q14.1 (4.5 Mb region, only 11 annotated genes; UCSC genome browser).