Figure 5 of Hu, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1862-1870.

Figure 5. SDS–PAGE analysis of selenite-induced rat lenses treated with catalin equivalent to 2.5 and 5 mg/kg pirenoxine (PRX). M, marker; lane 1, normal; lane 2, control (Se only); lane 3, Se+catalin formualted vehicle; lane 4–5, Se+catalin equivalent to 2.5 mg/kg PRX; lane 6–7, Se+catalin equivalent to 5 mg/kg PRX. Duplicated samples from different lenses of rats pretreated by different catalin doses were analyzed. A: A 12.5% SDS–PAGE of soluble fractions of lenses and Amersham Rainbow Marker were used. Red arrow, 20-kDa proteins; red box, more preserved 20-kDa proteins in catalin-treated rats; green box, preserved 26-kDa proteins. B: A 20% SDS–PAGE of insoluble lens fractions and Fermentas SM0441 Marker were used. Blue box, 31 kDa proteins; red box, 21–25 kDa; black box, proteolytic fragments.