Figure 1 of Ma, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1759-1770.

Figure 1. Chondroitinase ABC promotes the migration of murine retinal progenior cells (mRPCs) into B6 mice. A-C: One week after transplantation of mRPCs. D-F: One week after transplantation of mRPCs combined with Chondroitinase ABC. Murine retinal progenitor cells gather in the subretinal space. Abundant of cells migrated into the retinal layers were seen in F. Quantification of the difference of migration distance from the injection site (G) and the cells in the retinal layers (H). The cells in the chondroitinase ABC treated group have a higher ability to migrate and survive in the retinal layers. Scale bar: 25 μm (C, F). G, H: The columns are mean values, error bars are SD, *p<0.05 (n=9). Abbreviations: inner nuclear layer (INL); outer nuclear layer ONL; and subretinal space (SRS).