Table 2 of Mayinu, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1734-1744.

Table 2. Clinical features of the patients with XFS/XFG.

  Total (n=64)
Clinical features XFG (n=7) XFS with high IOP (n=4) XFS (n=53)
Age at recruitment (mean±SD) 67.00±7.16 67.75±10.01 71.15±9.53
Range 58–76 60–81 52–95
Gender (male/female) 5/2 3/1 33/20
History of trabeculectomy n=1 n=0 n=0
History of laser trabeculoplasty n=0 n=0 n=0
History of laser iridotomy n=1 n=0 n=0
Treated with medicine n=2 n=0 n=0