Figure 4 of Ramirez-Miranda, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1652-1661.

Figure 4. Patterns of K 12, 13, and 19 expression in the impression cytology (IC) specimens taken from normal sclerocorneal tissues. A, C, E, G, and H were from corneal IC specimens. B, D, and F were conjunctival IC specimens. Expression of K12 was present in the corneal (A) but not in the conjunctival epithelium (B). K13 expression was not detected in corneal epithelium (C) but was highly expressed in the conjunctival (D) epithelium. K19 was detected in the both corneal (E) and conjunctival (F) epithelia. Double staining of K12/K13 (G) and K12/K19 (H) in corneal IC specimens. Arrows: K12+/K19+ cells. Magnification bar represents 5 μm.