Figure 1 of Ostergaard, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1485-1492.

Figure 1. Fundus aspects from two patients homozygous for a MER tyrosine kinase protooncogene (MERTK) deletion. A-C: 22-year-old female (patient 106); the central black spot. The central black spot is an artifact to reduce reflexes from the Zeiss fundus camera. A: In the posterior part of the retina, near-normal calibrated central arterioles and a normal-appearing optical nerve head are evident. B: In the inferotemporal aspect, widespread mottled pigment epithelial atrophy and heavy pigment aggregates partly sheeting the retinal venules are seen. C: In the macular region, distinct, nearly circular, foveal atrophy is present. D: In the left eye from a female age 35 years (patient 232), marked atrophy of the optic papilla, constricted arterioles, and distinct central pigment atrophy are present.