Figure 7 of Gregory-Evans, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1473-1484.

Figure 7. Effect of caspase inhibition on survival and optic fissure closure. A: Mean survival of gup mutant embryos with no treatment or with either diferuloylmethane, zVAD-fmk or control inhibitor zFA-fmk. n=30 for each group, mean±SEM (*p<0.001). B: Wildtype (wt) larval phenotype at 8 dpf. C: Phenotype of gup mutants treated with 5 µM diferuloylmethane. D: Phenotype of gup mutant embryos treated with 300 µM zVAD-fmk. E: Phenotype of gup mutants treated with 300 μM zFA-fmk. Arrows indicate the position of the coloboma. Size bar in left panels=200 μm; size bar in right panels=500 μm.