Figure 4 of Gregory-Evans, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1473-1484.

Figure 4. Representative images of the effect of diferuloylmethane on TUNEL-labeling in noi mutant larvae at 6 dpf. A: TUNEL-labeling in wholemount larvae (left) and wholemount eye (right) of wildtype zebrafish (wt). B: Extensive TUNEL labeling in larvae and eye of untreated noi mutant zebrafish. C: noi mutant larvae treated with 5 µM diferuloylmethane. D: noi larvae treated with 300 µM zVAD-fmk. Arrow points to optic fissure closure defect delineated by black dotted line. Scale bar whole eye=200 µm; scale bar larval fish=500 µm.