Figure 3 of Kawashima, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1397-1404.

Figure 3. Electron microscopy of lacrimal gland. Representative H&E staining and electron microscopy photographs of non-Sjögren syndrome (case 9; A, B, C) and Sjögren syndrome patient (case 4; D, E, F) were shown. Scale bar indicated 5 μm (B and E) and 2 μm (C and F). Structure of lacrimal acinar unit was compact and uniform in non-Sjögren syndrome patients (A and B), but mild acinar atrophy and fibrosis were observed more frequently in Sjögren syndrome patients (D and E). High magnification revealed that structure of mitochondrial cristae (arrows) was severely damaged and swollen in Sjögren syndrome patient (F) compared to that in non-Sjögren syndrome patient (C).