Table 6 of Freeman, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1355-1372.

Table 6. Summary of retina databases currently available.

Databases Contents
National Eye Institute: NEI Bank Project Transcriptome profiling for different tissues of the eye for a variety of different species including mouse and human
Mouse Retina Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) Gene expression data from the embryonic and postnatal mouse retina.
Scripps Friedlander Gene Expression Expression of retinal transcripts for the mouse retina during eight different postnatal stages.
Retinal Information Network Mapped loci and cloned genes associated with inherited retinal disease.
Retinal International Website Series of databases listing: retinal diseases, mutations affecting the eye, current animal models, and known proteins involved in retinal disease.
GENSTAT: Retina Project Cell specific labeling in the retina using BAC transgenic mice.
Retina Central Integrated platform for gene related information regarding the adult mammalian retina