Table 3 of Freeman, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1355-1372.

Table 3. A sample table from a partial correlation table displaying examples of genes that have causal relationships by selecting a primary trait, control trait, and a target trait.

Primary Control Target Delta value
Pax6 Sox2/Pten Id2 0.8
Pax6 Pcna/Zbed4 Neurod1 0.94
Sox2 Pcna/Zbed4 Neurod1 0.97
Sox2 Pax6/Pten Neurod1 0.98
Sox2 Pax6/Pten Zbed4 0.92
Zbed4 Pax6 Sox2 0.87
Neurod1 Pax6 Sox2 0.82
Id2 Sox2/Gap43 Pax6 0.86