Figure 2 of Freeman, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1355-1372.

Figure 2. A genome-wide graph displaying the quantitative trait loci (QTL) distribution across the Hamilton Eye Institute (HEI) Retina Database. Each point on the graph represents a single probe set. The x-axis plots the locations of the QTLs controlling the transcript expression. Positions are measured in mega bases (Mb) from chromosome 1 to chromosome X (1–2600 Mb). The y-axis plots the chromosomal location of each of the transcripts. The significant levels of individual QTLs are color-coded. The low genome wide p-value or high likelihood ratio statistic (LRS) are represented by red, the intermediate p-value/LRS values are green, and the high genome-wide p-value/low LRS values are presented in blue. The diagonal (red) band plots the large number of highly significant cis-acting QTLs and the vertical bands represent major trans-acting QTLs that co-regulate large numbers of downstream transcripts. These data were plotted from the HEI Retina Database with a false discovery rate of 0.2.