Figure 6 of Meloni, Mol Vis 2011; 17:113-126.

Figure 6. SEM images of human corneal microvilli and mucin network and in standard and EDEV HCE. Scanning electron microscopy showing HCE epithelium in control HCE condition (A, B at 20 and 5 μm of magnification) and in EDEV setting at 24 h (C, D), 48 h (E, F), and 72 h (G, H). The microvilli in C-H are identified at a different magnification (2–5 μm). The in vivo impression cytology with SEM on humans is illustrated in the box on the top of the Figure (microvilli on the left and mucin network on the right). The reproduction of the images are authorized by Professor Del Prete (University of Napoli).