Figure 3 of Rocher, Mol Vis 2011; 17:104-112.

Figure 3. Flat mounted corneas stained for new vessels 21 days after allotransplantation. Allografted cornea treated with inactivated (A, B) or active (C) rat anti-VEGF antibody and flat mounted at Day 21; new vessels stained with lectin arise from the limbus toward the grafted area (A, B, C; white arrows). The progression of new vessels crossed the trephination line (A; arrow heads) across the stroma of the button (A, black arrow) between the strand of the running suture (B, black arrow), securing the corneal graft to the recipient bed. It was limited to the recipient area in treated animals (C; white arrows). Li, limbus; IF, interface between donor and recipient (A, C; arrowheads,). Scale Bar=2200 µm. Magnification, A, C 20×, B 100×.