Figure 3 of Puk, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1164-1171.

Figure 3. Exclusion of the T→C exchange as a polymorphism by restriction digest. In the mutants, the AfeI restriction enzyme cuts a genomic fragment of 373 bp that contains parts of Lim2 exon 2 and its flanking regions; restriction digest results into two fragments of 249 bp and 124 bp. DNA restriction analysis in different wild type strains of mice showed the absence of a T151C exchange. However, it is present in two heterozygous (A/+) and two homozygous (A/A) Aca47 mutant mice randomly collected from the actual running breeding. B6, C57BL/6J; DBA, DBA/2J; C3H, C3HeB/FeJ; M: Sigma Gene Ruler 100 bp DNA Ladder Plus marker.