Figure 2 of Puk, Mol Vis 2011; 17:1164-1171.

Figure 2. Fine mapping of the Aca47 mutation and its effect on the Lim2 gene. A: Haplotype analysis revealed a critical interval of 14.9 Mb between the markers D7Mit247 and D7Mit81 including the candidate gene Lim2. Black boxes illustrate the presence of two C3H marker alleles (recombination between microsatellite marker and Aca47); white boxes illustrate presence of one copy of both alleles, C3H and C57BL/6J (lack of recombination). The number of G3 progeny carrying the particular recombination pattern is given below the boxes. The total number of recombination events (R) between neighbored markers is shown on the right of the boxes, including the calculated relative genetic distances (cM). B: Sequence analysis of the Lim2 coding region demonstrates a T->C exchange at cDNA position 151 (black arrow) resulting in a Cys to Arg amino acid exchange in the Lim2 protein (position 51; white arrow).