Figure 5 of Thill, Mol Vis 2011; 17:85-98.

Figure 5. Analysis of telomere length, cell cycle proteins p21 and p53 and cell cycle status. A: A representative Southern blot analysis of telomere length of control Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC) and late outgrowth endothelial cells (OECs) (in EGM-2MV or EGM-2MV with the addition of 10 μl DMSO/ml) and HUVEC and OECs inhibited with SU5416 at 3 and 6 μM for 7 days is shown. B: A representative western blot analysis is given for p21 and p53 in OECs treated with different inhibitory conditions: control=EGM-2MV with the addition of 10 μl DMSO/ml, EGM-2MV supplemented with inhibitors SU5416 at 3 and 10 μM, KRN633 (4 μM), ZM323881 (10 μM), Wortmannin (100 nM), Bisindolylmaleimide I (1 μM) and Ly 294002 (5 μM). Upper lane represents p21, second lane represents p53 and lower lane represent corresponding beta-actin loading controls. C: Presents a representative flow cytometric cell cycle analysis of OECs treated with SU5416, using Vybrant DyeCycle green. Left graph represents control OECs (EGM-2MV with the addition of 10 ul DMSO/ml), right graph represents OECs treated with SU5416 (6 μM) for 7 days. Green=G0/G1 peak area, blue=G2 peak area.