Figure 3 of Ma, Mol Vis 2010; 16:556-561.

Figure 3. In vivo laser scanning confocal microscopy. AD: Patient III:3 36 μm (A), 42 μm (B), 59 μm (C), and 110 μm (D) from the corneal surface. Focal deposition of homogeneous reflective materials with rounded and hyporeflective edges were observed (AC). Amyloid-like deposits that were hyperreflective and with poorly demarcated margins were observed (D). EH: Normal individual: 36 μm (A), 42 μm (B), 57 μm (C), and 113 μm (D) from the corneal surface. Epithelium cells (E, F) nerve fibers (G), and corneal stromal cells (H) were observed.