Figure 5 of Mukhopadhyay, Mol Vis 2010; 16:540-548.

Figure 5. Structure of membrane-type frizzled-related protein with position of mutations. The upper panel represents the genomic structure of the dicistronic MFRP-C1QTNF5 with the exons demonstrated as filled boxes and the intervening introns as a line. The small arrows show the positions of the centromere (11qcen) and the terminal end (11qter) of the large arm of Chromosome 11. In the middle panel, the membrane-type frizzled-related protein (MFRP) coding region is shown with the untranslated regions colored gray, with ATG representing the start codon and with the exons numbered from 5′ end to 3′ end. The positions of all the published mutations are shown; the novel mutations are in bold. The bottom panel shows the coding region and the only published mutation of C1QTNF5 in a similar fashion. All the exons are drawn to scale.