Figure 1 of Liu, Mol Vis 2010; 16:454-461.

Figure 1. Pedigree structure of the family with USH2/RP. Affected males and females are shown with filled squares and circles, respectively. Normal individuals are shown with empty symbols. The deceased individual is shown with slash. The proband (III:5) is indicated by an arrow. Results from genotyping and haplotype analysis of two markers on chromosome 1 are displayed below each symbol. The disease haplotype is shown with a black or a gray box and the normal haplotypes are shown with open boxes. The USH2A gene is located between D1S213 and D1S425. The homozygous individual (IV:1), whose haplotype is different from other patients, is indicated by an asterisk. Four patients (III:1, III:3, III:5) are affected with USH2, and patient (IV:1) displays nonsyndromic RP symptom.