Table 2 of Gorbet, Mol Vis 2010; 16:272-282.

Table 2. Viability of HCEC following a 24 h incubation with contact lenses and the effect of release from contact lenses stored in borate or phosphate buffered packaging solutions.

Lens storage conditions Lens Viability
Lens stored in borate buffered packaging solution balafilcon A 56±7*
  alphafilcon A 59±7*
  etafilcon 1 day 63±10*
  galyfilcon A 55±8*
  senofilcon A 60±8*
Lens stored in phosphate buffered packaging solution nelfilcon A 100±6
  lotrafilcon A 88±7
  lotrafilcon B 90±8
  polymalcon 98±3