Figure 4 of Vendra, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2822-2828.

Figure 4. Confocal microscopic images of HLE-3B and HeLa cells transfected with His- tagged pcDNA(3.1+)γDWT and pcDNA(3.1+)γDE107A constructs. Wild-type and mutant proteins were probed with anti-his antibody (raised in mouse), and FITC conjugated anti-mouse secondary antibody. A, D, G, J: This panel set represents the protein visualized using FITC alone. B, E, H, K: This panel set is a visualization of the cells using propidium iodide as the nuclear dye. C, F, I, L: This panel set shows merged signals. Notice that the mutant shows punctate particles in both HLE-3B and HeLa cells, while the wild-type molecule does not. The signals were magnified 630×.