Figure 2 of Ren, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2745-2752.

Figure 2. Lens crystallins expression in murine corneas of various ages and strains. Positive immunoreactivity is denoted by a brown color. A: Alpha-A expression in C57BL/6 corneas at different development ages. E16, embryonic day 16; P0, newly born; w, weeks; m, months. Each sample was serially sectioned and the ones near the corneal centers were used for immunohistochemistry. Neighboring two sections were processed exactly same except for that the primary antibody was omitted for one of them and used as staining negative control (lower rows). Asterisks (*) in E16 and P0 samples denote tissue of lens. B: Expression of lens crystallins in murine corneal epithelium of C57BL/6 or Balb/c strains.