Figure 5 of Du, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2680-2689.

Figure 5. Keratan sulfate, keratocan protein, and mRNA expression by CSSC, ADSC, and CF in different media. A, B: Fibrin gel cultures after 3 weeks. C, D: Pellet cultures after 3 weeks. A and C are western blots showing keratan sulfate and keratocan. B and D show qPCR data of keratocan mRNA. Samples 1–3: CF, 4–6: CSSC cells; 7–9, ADSC cells. Samples 1, 4, 7: keratocyte differentiation medium; Samples 2, 5, 8: keratocyte differentiation medium + 1% HSHS. Samples 3, 6, 9: DMEM/F-12 medium with bovine corneal extract (1:10) [25]. Expression of mRNA is shown normalized to monolayer of CSSC in keratocyte differentiation medium=100.