Figure 2 of Kubokawa, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2590-2597.

Figure 2. Genomic sequence of exon R1. A: Features of exon R1 (236 bp; GenBank NW_001842360.1). The 98-bp sequence, deleted in some transcripts and presumed to be a cryptic intron, is marked by a box. This sequence starts with GT and ends with AG (shaded). Bars below the sequence indicate internal ribosome entry sites. Dots over the ATG codons indicate a translation start site. B: Consensus dinucleotide sequences for the cryptic intron. The AG and GT splice consensus dinucleotides are present in humans and other mammals, including chimpanzee, orangutan and rhesus macaque. The mouse and rat genomic sequences contain GT/AA and AT/AA, respectively.