Figure 2 of Mohan, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2494-2501.

Figure 2. Effect of corneal drying on vector absorption in mice, rabbit and human corneas. Corneas were subjected to zero (0 s), one (10 s), two (20 s), three (30 s), or five (50 s) rounds of warm air drying and 2 µl (mouse) or 50 µl (rabbit and human) of vector/BSS was applied onto corneas for 2 min immediately after drying. The amount of vector absorbed by the corneas was calculated by subtracting unabsorbed BSS/vector volume from the total applied BSS/vector volume. The results are expressed in percent as mean±SEM *p<0.001 as compared to 0 s or 10 s; ψp<0.001 as compared to 20 s.