Figure 7 of Shah, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2476-2486.

Figure 7. Antibodies to the major receptors block HSV-1 entry. Monolayers of cells plated in 96-well culture dishes were incubated with serial dilutions of primary antibodies to Nectin-1, HVEM, and PILR-α for 2 h. Cells were then exposed to HSV-1(KOS)gL86 virus and viral entry was measured 6 h post-infection using a spectrophotometer at an OD of 410 nm. The ratio of entry between cells treated and those untreated are reported as percent blocking. Combinations of antibodies that block these receptors were also studied. Data shown are the means of triplicate determinations (±SD). Anti-nectin-1 (A), anti-HVEM (B), anti-PILR-α (C), a combination of anti-nectin-1 and anti-HVEM antibodies (D) and a combination of all three antibodies (E).