Figure 2 of Regini, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2446-2456.

Figure 2. Dynamic light scattering measurements of the changes in the distribution of particle sizes (hydrodynamic radii, RH) during the DTT-induced aggregation of α-LA at 37 °C in the absence and presence of αB-crystallin over time. The plots show the relative light scattering intensities (%) of particles of increasing RH (Å) for A αB-crystallin + DTT alone, B DTT-reduced α-LA alone, and C DTT-reduced α-LA in the presence of αB-crystallin (1:1 w:w ratio of α-LA: αB-crystallin). Particle distributions are shown for 0 min (black), 50 min (dark gray), 100 min (light gray) and 150 min (white) following addition of DTT. The RH values used in deriving ρ (see Discussion) are based on the weighted mean of the major peaks in A and C.