Figure 9 of Bitel, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2301-2316.

Figure 9. miR-124 in vertebrate lenses detected on northern blots. A: Left: Total RNA from N. crassa (goldfish) lenses resolved on acrylamide gels. Highly represented RNAs are stained with ethidium bromide indicated by arrowhead. Right: miR-124 detected with labeled probe. B: Left: Ethidium bromide stained RNAs from rat lens and brain. Right: miR-124 detected with radiolabeled miR-124 probe. Lower asterisk: ~22 bp nucleotide miR-124. Upper asterisk: ~76 bp precursor in rat brain. Probes, and negative controls showing no lens expression of muscle-specific miR-1, are described elsewhere [39].