Figure 8 of Bitel, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2301-2316.

Figure 8. HuB/C/D and nPTB dependent alternative splicing also occurs in mouse and rat lens. A: Neuronal alternative splicing of Nf1 Type 1 transcripts omits a 63 bp exon. Type 2 transcripts include this 63 bp exon, B: Amplification of Nf1 transcripts from lens and brain with primers corresponding to exons adjacent to the insert exon, C: Sequence of amplified Nf1 product from lens identifying Type 1 splicing, and omission of the 63 bp exon. D: In neurons, alternative splicing skips exon 4 to produce CGRP transcripts, E: Amplification of CGRP transcripts from lens and brain, F: Sequences identifying alternatively spliced 3–5 exon junctions in CGRP transcripts amplified from lenses. Alternative splicing of Neuronal C-src includes18 bp N1 exon. G: Amplification of C-src transcripts from lens and brain with primers corresponding to adjacent exons, H: DNA sequence of amplified Neuronal C-src product identifying the N1 exon in the isoform produced in lenses. I: nPTB-dependent alternative splicing of NCAM-180 transcripts includes an 801 bp exon, J: Amplified NCAM-180 transcripts from lens and brain, K: Sequence of amplified NCAM-180 transcripts from lens identifying the 5′ splice junction that includes the 801 bp exon, L: Immunoblot of NCAM-180 protein in rat lens using mAb anti-NCAM-180 specific antibody.