Figure 7 of Bitel, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2301-2316.

Figure 7. HuR is expressed in progenitor lens epithelial cells, and neuronal HuB/C/D in post-mitotic elongating fiber cells. A: Amplification of HuB, HuC, and HuD transcripts from lens and brain; right: Region from sequenced product showing in frame exon junctions in amplified transcripts. B: Amplification of the HuD target transcripts: GAP43 and CamKIIα from wt mouse and rat lens and brain. C: Immunoblot detection of HuR in lens and brain. D: Immunoblot of HuB/C/D in lens and brain (Human anti-HuB/C/D). E: GAP43 protein detected in wt lens and brain. F: Increased expression of GAP43 and CamKIIα detected on immunoblots of wt versus transgenic mouse lenses expressing myc-tagged HuD in the lens; unchanged GAPDH levels are shown for comparison. G: Immunofluorescence detection in rat lens: H: mAb anti-HuR (200×), I: DAPI stained nuclei as in panel H (100×), J: Human anti-HuB/C/D, K: DAPI stained nuclei as in panel J (200×), L: Human anti-HuB/C/D (100×), M: anti-COOH-terminal REST, N: overlay of panels L and M, O: Syn1 expression in post-mitotic fiber cells (BD Biosciences, 200×), P: GAP43 in wt lens, Q: DAPI stained nuclei as in panel P, R: CamKIIα in wt lens, S: mAb anti-HuD detection in wt mouse lens (L-P, Santa Cruz).