Figure 5 of Bitel, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2301-2316.

Figure 5. Mutually exclusive expression of REST in progenitor epithelial cells, and alternatively spliced REST4 in post-mitotic elongating lens fiber cells. A, B: Anti-C-terminal REST (100×); nuclei are stained with DAPI in panel A. C: Anti-REST4 3121 (50×). D: Anti-COOH-terminal REST (200×). E: Anti-REST4 3122 (200×). F: REST detected in rat skin. G: REST detected in Cornea. H: Overlapping REST4 and tubulin detection in lens fiber cells; cell nuclei are DAPI stained. I: HuR detected in rat skin. J: Anti-REST. K: Anti-REST4; nuclei are stained with DAPI in lens.