Figure 2 of Neal, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2137-2145.

Figure 2. Pb predisposes lenses to opacification in culture. A: Increased clearance of H2O2 (250 µM) from the culture media, increased protein bound thiols (Pr-bound thiols), and decreased choline uptake for lenses cultured with Pb (3 days) as compared to the control lenses. B: Lenses cultured with 250 µM H2O2 following culture in the presence of Pb (3 days; 1 uM Pb(NO3)2) induced lens opacities in the Pb exposed lenses but not the control lenses. C: Histology of the bow region of Pb-cultured lenses (3 days without peroxide challenge; 1 uM Pb(NO3)2), magnification 20× for H&E sections. Epithelial cell doubling, irregular nuclei, and nuclei loss were evident in the Pb exposed samples (as shown by arrowheads).