Figure 3 of Li, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2084-2091.

Figure 3. Quantification of sPLA2-IIa in tears of allergic conjunctivitis patients and normal controls. A: SDS–PAGE of tear samples with SBTI as an internal standard. B: western blot of sPLA2-IIa in corresponding tear samples. Lanes 1–4 were from the normal controls and lanes 5–8 were from the allergic conjunctivitis patients. C: The first two columns standard for the densitometric value of sPLA2-IIa band. SUM (the total tear protein concentration) was the sum of individual bands, determined by SDS–PAGE with SBTI as an internal standard. sPLA2-IIa / SUM means the relative content of sPLA2-IIa in per unit mass of tear protein. Statistical significant differences were marked by an asterisk.