Figure 2 of Ma, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2043-2054.

Figure 2. The position relationship between the locus and MYP16 (5p15.33–15.2) on the short arm of chromosome 5. The upper three markers were identified in MYP16 locus 5p15.33–15.2: D5S2505 was the marker with the peak two-point LOD score 4.81. D5S1987 was the marker close to centromeric with positive LOD score while D5S817 was the next marker displaying negative LOD score. The lower three markers were identified in the present study (bold text): D5S502 was the marker with the highest two-point LOD score 3.71. D5S2074 was the first telomeric marker having positive LOD score. The physical distance between D5S2505 and D5S502 was approximately 19.7Mb and the physical distance between D5S1987 and D5S2074 was 9.71Mb. In addition, the physical distance of the nearest two markers displaying negative linkage to high myopia in these two studies (D5S817 and D5S2096) was 5.83Mb.