Figure 1 of Ma, Mol Vis 2010; 16:2043-2054.

Figure 1. Pedigree and haplotype diagram of the family. Circles and squares denote females and males, respectively; blackened symbols denote affected individuals; a diagonal line through a symbol means that the individual is deceased. Haplotypes were constructed on the basis of the minimum number of recombinations between these markers. Solid bar: the chromosome assumed to carry the inherited disease allele; open bar: normal haplotypes. Only essential members are shown; nonparticipating family members were excluded. For individuals IV:2, only one set of parental-allele information was available; therefore, the genotype information was indeterminate (denoted by question marks) for markers D5S416 and D5S385. Individual III:17 was recombinant for the telomeric marker D5S2096. Individuals III:7 and III:11 were recombinant for the centromeric marker D5S1986.