Figure 4 of Schwartzkopff, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1928-1935.

Figure 4. Analysis of innate immune cells into a corneal graft. Ox-62+ DC and CD163+ macrophages were stained at the time points of corneal allograft rejection and calculated within the graft. Additionally CD161+ cells were counted within rejected corneal allografts to finally prove the efficacy of the depletion protocol in the peripheral tissue. Representative histological staining is shown for Ox-62 (A), CD163 (C), and CD161 (E) in NK deficient and control animals. B: No statistical difference was observed for infiltrating Ox-62+ DC. D: CD163+ macrophages infiltrated to a statistically significantly stronger extent in 3.2.3-treated animals when compared to control treated animals (*p<0.01). F: No CD161+ cells were stained in 3.2.3-treated recipients when compared to control treated control animals (**p<0.001).