Table 3 of Santhiya, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1837-1847.

Table 3. SNPs documented in cataract probands/affected relatives of Indian origin.

Genes Non coding Family code Coding Family code
CRYAA IVS2+27 g>c CBE21;DJC1 rs60485881 CBE21
CRYBB2 65843t>a;(IVS1+31t>a) JEE13 54 g>a; K18K DJC1
  65894a>g;(IVS1+84a>g) JEE13 rs17842553 SEC18
  71307c>a;IVS3+120c>a) DJC1; JPM1    
  73644a>g;(IVS3–360a>g) JEE13;DJC1    
  75738 g>a;(IVS5+9g>a) JEE13;DJC1 77788 g>a;G161G JEE13;DJC1
CRYGC none none rs3189020 Sec18
CRYGD 517t>c; IVS2+30t>c CBE21;DJC1;JPM1; 286t>c; Y16Y JPM1;DJC1;
    JEE13 365a>g;M43V CBE21
  570c>t; IVS2+83t>c CBE21;DJC1;JPM1; 285a>g;R94R CBE21
    JEE13   JEE13
  553c>t-3′UTR JEE13    
GJA3 rs968566 SEC18 none none
GJA8 none none none none
PITX3 none none rs17858134 SEC18;CBE21
HSF4 IVS1+9 c>t JEE13 none none