Figure 5 of Cavet, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1791-1800.

Figure 5. Effects of mapracorat and dexamethasone on hyperosmolarity-induced T-HCEpiC NFκB and AP-1 activity. Cells were transfected with an AP-1 or NFκB reporter gene (expressing firefly) and a constitutively expressing Renilla construct. Thirty hours after transfection, cells were treated with 440 media +/− mapracorat or dexamethasone. Cells were assayed for firefly luciferase followed by Renilla luciferase luminescence 48 h after transfection. Data are expressed as normalized firefly: Renilla luciferase ratio. A: NFκB transcriptional activity; B: AP-1 transcriptional activity. Data are mean±SEM, n=6. *Versus 440 mOsm media; p<0.05.