Figure 4 of Cavet, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1791-1800.

Figure 4. Effects of mapracorat and dexamethasone on hyperosmolarity-induced phosphorylation of p38 and JNK in T-HCEpiC. Cells were cultured in complete (HCGS containing) medium, followed by basal medium for 20 h. Cells were pre-treated with dexamethasone or mapracorat for 2 h. Cells were then treated with 440 mOsm hyperosmotic media + dexamethasone or mapracorat for 30 min. Phosphorylated p38 (A) and JNK (B) concentrations were determined by cell-based ELISA. Data are presented as mean±SEM, n=6. *Versus 440 mOsm media; p<0.05.