Figure 6 of Shivanna, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1781-1790.

Figure 6. Effect of adenosine on TER dynamics. The changes in TER were measured in response to TNF-α (T) with or without co-treatment with 200 µM adenosine (A) and 50 µM rolipram (R). A: Typical responses. B: Summary of six independent experiments. The percent reduction in TER induced by the cytokine is significant when compared to control at >8 h. Co-treatment with A and R opposes the TNF-α-induced reduction in TER after 12 h of exposure. * and ** denote p<0.001 when comparing the TNF-α-treated group with the control group and the (TNF-α+A+R)-treated group with the TNF-α-treated group, respectively.