Figure 3 of Yuan, Mol Vis 2010; 16:1743-1753.

Figure 3. Color photograph and fluorescein angiography of the iris of monkey number 7 which underwent fake intravitreal injection. Laser irradiation was performed to occlude all major branched retinal veins of the monkey’s eyes (A). Obvious venous dilation and corresponding retinal hemorrhage can be observed from 2 days after laser coagulation (B); at 7 days after laser coagulation, mild iris neovascularization can be observed at the margin of pupil (C) with slight leakage of fluorescein (D); and at 14 days after laser coagulation, severe and tortuous iris neovascularization can be observed across the whole iris (E) with strong leakage of fluorescein (F) which lasted to 23 days after laser coagulation (G and H).